About us

About ICU

ICU means In Christ United. That is important to us. We are a multicultural church with around 150 people from many different nationalities, cultures and social backgrounds.
Although we are so diverse, we share one goal: Jesus.


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What do we believe?

We believe in God the father, who made everything and who is keeping the world and all people in his hand.

We believe in his son Jesus Christ, who conquered death and sin and who gives us forgiveness

We believe in the holy spirit who dwells in us and helps us to get to know God better and helps us to do what he tells us to do.



In our international church ICU we share these three core values:

Believing together: Jesus is the center

We come together each Sunday and read from the bible. Everybody brings his own language and culture. Together we find out how the words from the bible apply to our daily lives. This way we want to help each other in understanding of the bible. We see and experience that the words of God bring hope to our lives.

Live together: We are a multicultural community

We want to be a community of people that know each other, look after each other and share our lives. When things are going well, but also when there are problems. Both on Sunday and during the week we want to be an open community that helps each other and takes care of others who could use friendship or help. We meet for soccer, for dancing of for Bible study.

Sharing together: We share our faith and hope

We want to be an open community. Everybody can join. It doesn’t matter where you come from, how old you are, if you are a churchgoer or not, or who your friends are: everybody is welcome! We believe that God gives us so many good things and we want to share this faith wit the people around us.


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We function as a community in which everybody can help and take responsibility. There are team leaders, who serve to put things together. Different groups are responsible for the activities in church: music, children’s work, finances, cleaning, et. Every year you can join a different group, in which you can serve the community.

We have three pastors:

  • Marien Kollenstaart
  • Harm van Schie
  • Esther van Schie

Do you want contact with them, you can send an email.