Biblestudygroup for man

We meet every second Thursday at 20.00, around 6-10 men from very different backgrounds. We start with coffee, sing a song and read the bible. Just simple. What does it say and how does this apply to our lives.

Open atmosphere

What is special about these evenings is not what we do, but the open atmosphere and honesty. Everybody has his own story and background, but we recognize each other in our searching after God and trying to make Him more part of our lives.

Slightly stronger

We enjoy the beautiful moments, but are also there for each other if someone does not like it. We help each other and grow in it. After 1.5 hours we have a drink, hit each other on the shoulders and go home again. More motivated and stronger to resume our task during the week.

A beautiful place, with and for each other.


The temporary location for the “Biblestudygroup for man” is:

Buurtje 2,
2802 BE Gouda.

We zijn verhuisd!

Ons nieuwe adres is Heemskerkstraat 105, 2805 SN Gouda. Van harte welkom!